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Scented Tealight Gift Box

Scented Tealight Gift Box


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A fabulous box set of 24 tealights, 1 of each of our gorgeous scents! A thoughtful gift, a great way to sample all our scents or just a great way to relax... ☺

Every time someone would enter the Coast shop, they would always comment on the beautiful scent and I could visibly see their shoulders slump as they relax into the beautiful aromas. It's a relaxing and calming moment, leading everyone to feel less tense as they are seduced by fragrance.

I'm was always asked which scent they could smell and I could only tell them it's a combination of everything together. It's such a powerful scent and you feel as though you have walked into a spa. Even now, for me, it still has that effect of instant calm. In fact one customer said 'you can't mistake that smell...'

Well now you can recreate that feeling at home! You can light as many candles as you wish -  imagine being able to replicate that spa feeling at your fingertips! Light them all for the full experience, or select your favourites, it's up to you.

Send this scent-sational experience to someone who needs that time for themselves. Easy to deliver too, it fits through the letterbox! It's also a great way to sample our scents if you've never tried them before...

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Weight 496 g
Dimensions 29 × 16 × 3 cm