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Wax Melts

Wax Melts

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Our box of 5 wax melts are a firm favourite with our customers. Long lasting with a fabulous scent throw, simply pop a melt in the top part of your burner and light a tealight below to slowly melt and release your chosen fragrance. Please note that a tealight is not included. Wax melts are basically scented wax (candles) without a wick. Once heated, the wax melts and they melt to fill your room with  a beautiful aroma.

Our melts are hand poured in the Scottish Highlands, using only the finest quality fragrances and are made with 100% natural rapeseed wax.

Weight 110g (for bag of 5)

Burn Time

Measurements: each melt has a diameter of 4.7cm (at the widest part) and height/depth of 1.8cm

Never leave a burning candle unattended.