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When you want to say… I miss you
happy days at Inverasdale

When it’s not easy to get out and about, when we can’t visit friends and family, when we miss everyone we love and when we think of others who are isolating alone, how do we stay connected and let our loved ones know that we are thinking of them?

There are many ways of course. We can pick up the ‘phone and call someone. We can video call through a variety of devices, we can even write a letter. All brilliant (and easy) ways to stay in touch.

When we are faced with uncertain times, perhaps feeling anxious about what the future holds, we tend to seek comfort in the familiar; rekindling stories and experiences from the past which transport us to another time and place, happier times, even sad times, but more than anything, meaningful times with those we love.

Photo albums are dug out, shared family recipes inspire home cooking or baking, we reminisce with our favourite tunes, but the most powerful of all, is the power of scent, which can bring a multitude of memories to life in an instant. Our favourite fragrances can induce a sense of happiness and joy, awakening the most vivid memories, triggering feelings of comfort, all of which can be a very welcome experience.


We’ve put together a little ‘thinking of you’ gift box, which we can send on your behalf, to let your someone special know that you’re thinking of them, from a distance.

This gift box contains a little something designed to appeal to each of the 5 senses (taste, touch, sight, smell and sound), whilst still being very personal to the recipient. The box includes:

  • A photo of your favourite memory (sight) – all you need to do is send us your favourite photo (by text or email) and we will do the rest. We’ll print as a real-life polaroid and include it in the box.
  • 5 scented tealights (smell) – you pick ONE favourite Coast Candle Co. scent and we’ll pop them in the box.
  • A cookie (taste) – enjoy a tasty cookie created by the very talented Wookie Cookie.
  • A seashell (sound) – given that our namesake is Coast and many of our fragrances are based around the sea, we thought it would be perfect to send you the sound of the sea (disclaimer: okay, we can’t really give you the sea, but the sentiment is there and if you close your eyes and believe…).
  • A beach pebble (touch) – who doesn’t collect pebbles when they’re on the beach… pop it in your pocket, to remind you of a particular time and place.

Lastly, we’ll finish it off with a hand-written note with a message of your choice.

Please note, we have a limited number of these available (only 12), so don’t miss out! (£25 per box including postage). Contact us now to place your order (please be aware that the size, shape and colour of the shell and pebble will vary from box to box).