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Candle Refill Service introduced at Coast Candle Co.
Coast Candle Refill service

We are delighted to announce our new candle refill service!

So often we are asked by you, our lovely customers, if you can return your Coast containers, or maybe glass from another candle company, to be refilled. Perhaps you have something unique and special to you and you don’t want to throw it away, because it’s too pretty, or maybe it’s a vessel which you have chosen to co-ordinate with your own home décor.

Whatever the reason, we are happy to provide this extra service to our valued customers. Simply call into the shop with your clean and empty vessel to be re-filled with your favourite Coast Candle Co. fragrance.

Our prices are as follows:candle_refill_service

200g       £18.00

300g       £22.00

400g       £26.00

500g       £30.00

600g       £34.00

700g       £38.00

800g       £42.00

900g       £46.00

1KG         £50.00candle_refill_service

1KG+      Price on application