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How important is self-care?

It’s been a long few weeks since lock down began (I have actually lost count, are we on week 14?) and as we look at returning to life outside of our homes, we asked Rebecca Hastings of Zaza and Cruz Natural Skincare to share her thoughts on self-care and well-being and how important it is to take care of ourselves, especially now.

What does self-care mean to you and how important is it for our well-being?

Self-care to me is just about taking time in your day or week just for you. I think it is very important for our well-being.  I think even 10-15 mins in a day doing something that you enjoy is good for the soul.  Things that only you enjoy. Like a hot bath at the end of the day, getting to the gym that week, out for a walk or even reading a book.  It is important to take care of you.

What advice would you give to our customers to enhance their well-being at this time? 

My advice for customers to enhance their well-being at this time, is just to take each day as it comes.  Right now, our well-being is more important than ever. Do things that make you feel good.

What is your self-care routine during the Covid-19 pandemic?

My self-care routine during this pandemic was trying to keep in routine! Like many others I am still working and running my business online as well as home schooling over the last few months, so for me keeping routine was vital.  Getting out for the daily exercise was definitely part of my self-care routine.  And at least once a week I would have a pamper with our Glacial Mineral Detox Mask followed with our beautiful skincare products. As our skincare has our signature botanical blend it helps to relax and calm the mind.  And I love my candles, so I always have a candle lit in the early evening to help me unwind after the day.

Tell us a bit about your company – who or what is the inspiration behind Zaza & Cruz?

The inspiration behind ZAZA & CRUZ came about when my youngest was about 3 years old.  We were living in Canada at the time and being in the beauty industry as a professional makeup artist I decided to create a lip scrub and lip glosses that were healthy and natural for the lips. My children were also starting to develop sensitivities to lotions and sunscreens, so I was looking at the labels and seeing all the chemicals that were in these products in our beauty industry. So, I started to develop the business from my kitchen table while being a busy mum of 3. I researched the best ingredients for making the products and went to work. I knew I needed a name for my business too, that I was developing. My oldest daughter is named Sienna and my middle son is Cruz. I knew I wanted to use Cruz. My 3-year old at the time couldn’t say his sisters name so he used to call her ZAZA.  I then put the two names together and ZAZA & CRUZ was born. When we moved back to Scotland, I launched the brand in 2013.

Self-care – necessity or a luxury?

Both! Self-care I believe is a necessary luxury.  I believe we live in a world just now that is very demanding, and we are always on the go. The last thing in a day sometimes is thinking of ourselves.  I know I have been guilty of this many times.  Being a mum of a very busy family, I know how hard it is to stop and take time for yourself. But I believe stopping and taking time for yourself with a little self-care is a necessary luxury everyone needs.

What’s your number 1 tip for self-care?

My #1 tip for self-care is do the things that make you feel happy and good! Having or doing your favourite things around you. This could be anything from lighting a candle to relax, to running a marathon. Whatever makes you feel good is self-care. I am a busy mum of 3 very active kids and finding the time in the day for self-care doesn’t come easy every day for me, but I do try to set goals of achieving this every morning when I get up. Even getting up before a busy household and busy workday to have a cup of my favourite coffee in the quiet sets me up for the day.  I also try to get my exercise in daily as it helps me to focus and de-stress.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what’s the one self-care item you couldn’t do without?

Our Glacial Clay Mineral Detox Mask! This is one self-care product that I would have to have! Because it does do many different functions for the face and body. From detoxing the skin to helping cool sunburns to reducing redness and inflammation. It would be my self-care product hands down!

What’s the best (or worst) piece of health, wellness or lifestyle advice you’ve ever had?

The best advice I have been given would be always wear a sun protection.  I always recommend using a sunscreen of minimum factor of 15spf – 30spf under your make up.  And drinking more water during the day, which is one I find the hardest, but it is great for helping your skin function.

What is your all-time favourite fragrance/essential oil?

I always go to the classics. My go-to fragrance is Coco Chanel and No 5. These fragrances are timeless to me.  For essential oil it has to be Neroli.  It has so many beneficial properties for the skin and self-care.  It uplifts the mind and is used for feeling good.  It is also part of our ZAZA & CRUZ signature blend in our products for these reasons.

Who is your go-to health, wellness and lifestyle resource(s)?

I don’t really have any one specific go-to for health/well-being resources. I usually look up resources I am interested in and take information from that source. I mostly have insider resources in the beauty business that I subscribe to and regularly read about new ingredients and trends that are launching to keep current in the industry and in business.

Finally, what have you learned about yourself over these past 3 months?

Patience and taking each day as it comes. Over the last three months I have had to slow down a little bit as everything has come to a halt all over the world. And running a business from home with family at home all day has definitely taught me patience. These times are hard for everyone and we just have to take each day at a time just now and do our best. I am always on the go too, so having to slow down a bit was good for me. I look to plan 6 months ahead in my business, so it gave me time to think, and look to develop more products for my customers.  And that takes patience and time to get it right.   Also having to have patience on shipping and ingredients arriving and knowing everyone is trying their best to get things to their customers during this time.

Thank you, Rebecca, for giving us an insight to your life and business. You can find Zaza & Cruz products online or in the Coast Candle Co. shop in Nairn.

What’s your self-care routine? What have you learned about yourself over the past 3 months? What will you change? Post your comments below.

Janis x