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Drift Away…

With all that’s going on, we’ve missed sharing our fragrance of the month and change of windows in the shop! But just because the windows are on hold temporarily, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy April’s scent. It seems quite apt that we had chosen Drift Away for April; I think we can all admit to wanting to drift away to a different time and place in the last couple of weeks…

However, we choose Drift Away to lift our spirits, to feel lighter, hopeful and relaxed, knowing that being at home is where we need to be right now. Why not make the most of this opportunity to create a little space of calm, a sanctuary, and make time to reconnect with yourself, letting the fresh, citrus scents work their magic…?

Drift Away…

Relaxed, contented, light of heart, uplifted, jubilant – just some of the lovely emotions triggered by our Spa Candle – Drift Away. Lemony citrus fresh, a tonic for the body and soul. Feel it working before you even strike the match.

Fragrance of Lemongrass, Patchouli and Grapefruit – helping you see the world with fresh eyes, warmth and enthusiasm.

Here’s our guide to creating your own Drift Away experience at home.

  1. Pick a time and place (in your home) where you will get at least an hour to yourself (we know how difficult this can be right now, so don’t put yourself under too much pressure. Maybe the family would like to join you in your tranquil space).
  2. Light a Drift Away candle and let the gentle spa fragrance permeate the room.
  3. Play some gentle background music (Spotify has lots of options), just like you’d hear in a professional spa.
  4. This is a perfect time to look through old photos, even more so if there’s a few of you in your ‘home spa’… choose pictures that make you feel happy, content and hopeful for what’s to come. Make plans in your mind, even if it’s just to reconnect with family. Where will you drift away to?
  5. Dress for the occasion. Don’t feel uncomfortable, the whole point of this exercise is to feel relaxed. PJ’s, loungewear, big cosy socks, whatever makes you feel warm and snug.
  6. Finally, pour yourself something to drink. A cheeky gin and tonic would match Drift Away perfectly (please drink responsibly) or indeed a refreshing cold water with ice and lemon.

Let us know what your Drift Away space looks like and how it made you feel. And most of all, ENJOY!