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“I was rooting through photos at the weekend and came across this one… say hello to Ginger and Black Cat (aka Fairy Liquid because I apparently fed him washing up liquid when I was little) Ginger was THE best cat ever… he was with us a looong time and when it was his time to go, many many tears were shed, by all of us. He would sometimes take himself off on adventures and not come back for days and days. On one occasion, our neighbour nearly shot him because he thought he was a fox – ‘Ging’ had a big bushy tail! Fairy Liquid would often climb on the back of the couch and snuggle into your neck.
The reason I picked this photo is for the rayburn (not quite the modern aga) because I remember it going all the time, a warm place to park yourself at any time of day (see cats!), a place to dry the washing, to cook the dinner, to keep you warm.
I can smell the peat and the coal and a bit of smoke too, as the door is opened to stoke the fire. And there’s an ashtray on the side, that was either dad (when he still smoked) or granny had been visiting.”