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“Taking home the peats was a time for neighbours to give a helping hand to each other. Flasks of tea, sandwiches, baking and other goodies sent with the men folk to the moor to load the tractor with peats, usually 6 or 7 loads. Half way through it would be time to tuck into the much appreciated prepared “picnic”. The younger ones always loved sitting on the tractor load of peats for the journey back to the house….not heard of now. Back at the house the women would be sitting waiting for the 1st load to arrive. Setting the table with their own nibbles come half time. Such a busy day but enjoyable too… smells of the moor/peat at the end of the day, happy faces. These women knew how to stack a peatstack. Seeing what they have all worked for all these months… rewarding and now reaping the benefit from the heat and lovely aroma of burning peat. Such a lovely time for neighbours, friends and family to get together, and many a laugh we had 🥰🥰… the down side… rain, midges and ticks.“