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Special Memories

Our lovely customers have shared some of their special memories with us. If you would like to share a special
memory with us and all our customers, please get in contact with us and we can help you share the love.
Special Thoughts, Memories and Words

Lovely Customer letters

My Husband is a fragrance fanatic with his own YouTube channel for perfumes, and sometimes we dabble with diffusers and scented candles. When your shipment arrived and we lit Sea Dream, he simply said – that’s the best room fragrance and scented candle I have ever experienced.

fragrance fanatic

Happy New Year Janis.
I would just like to say how much we enjoyed the Christmas Flame Candle – it seemed to last for ages! And our daughter and her partner loved the Christmas bauble melts – she put them on her tree first and is now melting them.
I shall definitely be back next December (earlier – if they are available) for some more. They make excellent gifts, and the packaging makes them just that little bit more special. If we lived closer, we’d definitely join you all to create our own but Nottingham us just a little too far away!
A Happy New Year to you all.
PS. And the other two episodes of Country Christmas was interesting too – I love Christmas.

Graham and Barbara

Wanted to say we love the ‘whisky galore’ candle I bought for the Christmas table. My wife loves candles and this one hit the spot.
Used to stay in the Golf View Hotel when BA crew used to night-stop. Fond memories. My father was born in Insch, so I have a connection.

BRgds – Chris

Hi Janis, I received my order yesterday, and I wanted to write and thank you for creating such a lovely product. The candles smell incredible, and even before burning, I can tell these are quality products better than many candles I’ve tried.
Every year I go to the Scottish Highlands with two of my closest friends, we hike, bike, kayak, eat and drink and just absorb the uniqueness of this region. This year we were all booked to spend quality time on Harris and Lewis, of course, Covid put paid to that. We missed it so much, so I thought I’d bring a little piece of Scotland to them via your candles. I particularly liked the fact you included little cards (one for each candle) explaining the scents and the inspiration behind them, as I could include these in my gifts for my friends.
I was pleased to see that you use compostable air packs, and cardboard boxes reducing plastic use. I wonder if you have thought about using the eco fill packing chips (they dissolve in water) rather than bubble wrap to eliminate nearly all plastic in the delivery process? The matches you included were a lovely touch too.
I will definitely be ordering from you in the future and will recommend you to my friends.
Have a lovely Christmas and New Year,


Hi Janis, I got the candle, I absolutely love it.
It reminds me of my granny’s house she’s from Lewis and lives by the shore and there’s a smell of flowers that reminds me of her when I was young – it’s just perfect thank you XX.


Shared Special Memories

In my previous life, I was a wedding planner, travelling all over Scotland planning weddings for couples from all over the world. I went to some amazing venues, but I have to say this was one of my favourites.

Ardverikie Estate is simply stunning and was used as the location for the filming of Monarch of the Glen (amongst many others), in the early noughties. If you ever watched the series, you’ll remember the grandeur of the house and it’s location by Loch Laggan. But for me this house told many a story, its history etched in the walls, beautiful rooms and gardens, and was a perfect setting for weddings. It took me back in time then and I can always take myself back there just remembering the smell of this house. Our fragrance Lord of The Isles is a good representation, with notes of precious woods and citrus, a nod to the glory days of life in the big house.

This image just epitomises the era of times gone by…

Janis x

Ardverikie Estate
Justin Scobie

I love this one… Eddie’s van. Eddie had a butcher and grocery van which covered Aultbea and surrounding areas, covering the communities where it wasn’t so easy to get to a shop, and he always came to Granny Mellon’s house. I loved seeing Eddie’s van pull up – we (as kids) always made a run for it with our pocket money to see what sweeties we could get! Looking at it now, it looks so much like Postman Pat’s van!

Eddie was such a cheerful and friendly man, always smiling (that I remember) and I loved listening to the banter that went on between him and ‘the grown ups’ – laughter and nonsense. And of course the main event of the day, getting a quarter of cola cubes, or pear drops, or whatever retro sweetie took our fancy.

Do you remember having any other mobile shops visit you? We remember Brucie’s van too (Bruce Munlochy and his treasure trove – his van seemed much bigger!). He was a lovely man, always wore a suit – “a wee bit like Mr Benn without the bowler hat”. I remember choosing some shoes for school, changing my mind and then instantly regretting it as he drove off…

Happy days… These services were much more than just a business – they provided a much needed service as well as connection and community spirit, a place to chat and laugh and get the local news.

Janis x
Happy days in the hot summer sun, carefree sitting in wildflowers for hours, wondering at the lovely petal shapes and colours. The smell of crisp dry hay and warm orange juice in a bottle. These were times for swimming in the river and bursting bubbles of hot tar with a pointy rush in the middle of the single track road.

Diane, Isle of Skye
“Taking home the peats was a time for neighbours to give a helping hand to each other. Flasks of tea, sandwiches, baking and other goodies sent with the men folk to the moor to load the tractor with peats, usually 6 or 7 loads. Half way through it would be time to tuck into the much appreciated prepared “picnic”. The younger ones always loved sitting on the tractor load of peats for the journey back to the house….not heard of now. Back at the house the women would be sitting waiting for the 1st load to arrive. Setting the table with their own nibbles come half time. Such a busy day but enjoyable too… smells of the moor/peat at the end of the day, happy faces. These women knew how to stack a peatstack. Seeing what they have all worked for all these months… rewarding and now reaping the benefit from the heat and lovely aroma of burning peat. Such a lovely time for neighbours, friends and family to get together, and many a laugh we had 🥰🥰… the down side… rain, midges and ticks.“

Christine, Wester Ross
“I was rooting through photos at the weekend and came across this one… say hello to Ginger and Black Cat (aka Fairy Liquid because I apparently fed him washing up liquid when I was little) Ginger was THE best cat ever… he was with us a looong time and when it was his time to go, many many tears were shed, by all of us. He would sometimes take himself off on adventures and not come back for days and days. On one occasion, our neighbour nearly shot him because he thought he was a fox – ‘Ging’ had a big bushy tail! Fairy Liquid would often climb on the back of the couch and snuggle into your neck.

The reason I picked this photo is for the rayburn (not quite the modern aga) because I remember it going all the time, a warm place to park yourself at any time of day (see cats!), a place to dry the washing, to cook the dinner, to keep you warm.

I can smell the peat and the coal and a bit of smoke too, as the door is opened to stoke the fire. And there’s an ashtray on the side, that was either dad (when he still smoked) or granny had been visiting.”

Janis x
I bought one of your lantern candles in July of this year and it is truly stunning, at the time I was holidaying in Nairn with my friend, it should have been a family holiday with my husband and grandchildren, but sadly at the age of 63 he has been diagnosed with alzheimers and has been in hospital since June, I light this candle every night as a reminder of a special man who should have joined me on that holiday, thank you for a beautiful memory. X

I received a message recently from someone in the States who was gifted one of our candles and she loved it (thank you). It was the Berry Gold fragrance which got me thinking about strawberry bon bons and jam and pancakes (yum!), which reminded me of my granny Mellon.

I used to love a Saturday afternoon when we all went to granny Mellon’s house. It was always busy, family in and out, wrestling on the telly box (Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks were firm favourites!) and usually soup and/or pancakes. How precious these days were ❤️

This is a photo of granny and granda Mellon and the smell of tobacco and the pipe is another beautiful scented memory, a strange one I know, but there you have it.

Janis x

Dad’s 70th Birthday.
After having to cancel the family get together at the last minute I booked a stay for us at the Summer Isles Hotel. It was the first weekend in August and the sun shone between showers. Scenery, seafood, drinks in the bar with Blue the dog. Walking along the coast in the morning. We always holidayed on the west coast when I was a kid. Camping, sheep, beach walks and the smell of fresh summer rain.
A special birthday making new memories and evoking old ones.


One evening recently on Nairn beach my son Angus proposed to his girlfriend Victoria.
Such a happy special occasion, celebrated with both families the following evening with champagne and lighting a Love Candle from Coast Candles.
Memorable! Now planning a Scottish wedding in November in Edinburgh. Something to look forward to in difficult times.


My happiest memories are walking beaches in Scotland, either Findhorn, Nairn or Dornoch, sand between your toes, sea a myriad of different shades, gorse in the background, and a breeze in my hair. Sunny or cloudy – it doesn’t matter, it’s the sense of time standing still. Then back to a roaring fire in the holiday cottage and a tot of the water of life! Magical. All the Coast Candle scents take me back to my happy place, whether smoky and rich or light and summery. Thanks again for such a wonderful range.

E M Alsop

I visited New York last year for my sisters 40th Birthday celebrations. I’d been there before but this time was different. We walked all over the city and took in so many sights and had the best time together! We booked a restaurant for a special meal for her and she was blown away with it. It’s a birthday she will never forget and we have the best memories from it.

My favourite celebration is a little different, but means the world to me.
On the afternoon of the 23rd of March this year the country went into full lockdown… But earlier that morning my partner Tom and I got married.
You spend so much time imagining what your wedding will look like… big white dress grand venue with all of your nearest and dearest. I had big plans after I got engaged last year, but the world had other ideas! I didn’t find out until that morning that we got the green light to marry in a very socially distanced and very sterilised ceremony with only a handful of loved ones able to attend. Sounds terrible right? But what it made me realise, was that all of the big stuff doesn’t matter. It was the worst day for so many in the UK, but for me, it was my happiest, because quite simply: I got to marry my best friend.
I’ve always been a huge fan of your candles, especially Whisky Galore!

I can smell the pine of the freshly cut tree that the lights are twinkling and dancing on.
The singing echoed high in the vaulted ceiling, it truly sounded like angels. The snow was falling outside in the darkness, but I felt all snug inside wrapped in my warm red coat, I sang along as I held my dad’s hand, he smiled as he looked down at me. The church is only a little country church but as I stood inside on that night, it seemed huge. I was ten years old.
Even as an adult almost fifty years on, I still attend the Watchman’s Christmas Eve church service to celebrate Christmas.

My birthday makes me fuzzy Makes my heart go all slushy Is a day at the beach with the family Resting in the sun lazily
Till the kids shout ‘can we go in the sea’ We’re all there jumping waves shouting whoppee Look at each other we’re soaking wet back to the beach for egg baguettes Go to the shop for ice cream Then back laying in the warm sunbeams
Then flying the kites way up high Watching them soar watching them fly Then back home kids sleep in the car We had the best day by far.