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Burnside Bar
Grandpa Hunter

 claire grandpa3claire grandpa2claire grandpaThis is Grandpa Hunter, he is no longer with us, but we have lots of fond and funny memories. Grandpa Hunter was very fond of his whisky, he sniffed snuff and smoked like a trooper! He was a bit of a toff and liked to wear his cravat and his plus fours. He always had a story to tell and had a unique creative flair. He liked to make something out of nothing and was always hammering and screwing things together to make things like, for example, a table with an ashtray stuck onto it, a chair out of old wood… they were always a bit odd looking but served their purpose.

This photo was taken down at the burn beside his house in Edderton. He decided he would make a bar where he could enjoy his hot toddies. ‘Burnside Bar’ was created, there were many happy and funny memories made down in that bar, one of which was my grandpa falling into the flowing burn after losing his step from one or two too many toddies… he still managed to keep his cigarette in his mouth through all this although it was a bit bent!

Later that day we found his sunglasses stuck on a bit of wood floating in the water. My memories are of the whisky and cigarette smoke, not the nicest of smells and my eyes used to smart with the smoke, but now these are fond memories of my grandparents and such aromas will always remind me of times spent with them.