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Beautiful Coast
west coast

This is home, number 12 Coast, Inverasdale, where we grew up and the inspiration for Coast Candles. Overlooking Loch Ewe, many a happy day was spent on the croft, down on the shore, out on the loch in Granda’s boat, walks over the hill heading ‘up the Glen’. The smell of clover and moss reminds me so much of home, as well as the smell of the sea, I miss the sea. The field would be full of clover and I loved the smell of it. I would pick flowers, bracken, grass (anything!) and pop into a little flower press. I specifically remember pressing a violet once, not sure why that one stands out so much, maybe the pretty colourings. I also remember my brother’s trike seen in this photo. The wheel fell off one day and I was so cross at him crying to get it fixed and take it home!