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Do your candles come in different colours?
No. At Coast Candle Co., we prefer the natural, creamy look and don’t want to interfere with nature itself. We strive to provide an eco-friendly candle which does not include any wax or colour additives.
How should I store my Coast Candle?
If you are not using your candle, then store away in a cool, dry place, away from direct light and heat to ensure your candle remains in the best condition.
What is the best way to care for my candle when burning?
Wood wicks not only look good but they help to create a beautiful candle which has a magnificent scent throw and leaves a clean burn and absolutely no waste! Each candle burns down the container completely, leaving no wax or tunnelling (as long as you follow our guidelines).

There are some small differences in the way in which we use candles with wood wicks; where traditional cotton wicks are trimmed to ¼ inch, wood wicks are trimmed to 1/8 inch. You should also light these wicks where the wick meets the wax, not at the top of the wick.

To trim your wick, you can use wick cutters or you can simply snap off in your fingers. The used wick will break off naturally where it is meant to and you must do this each time before you re-light your candle.

Above all, please enjoy your woodwick candle. If you love the cosiness of a warm winter fire, you will love woodwick candles. Sit back and bask in the soft glow of candlelight, be seduced by the memory-evoking fragrance and drift away to the soothing crackling sound of your Coast candle…

Also, if the candle is not burned in the appropriate sized room for the size of the candle, the aroma will disperse and you will not be able to fully experience the scent.

How do I get the best scent throw?
To ensure you get the best scent throw, you need time. Your candle has a memory and when you light it for the first time, it should be burned for 1 hour for every inch across in size that the candle is. For example, if your candle is 3 inches in diameter, you should burn it for at least 3 hours. This is because the longer the burn, the bigger the melt pool will be (this hot melt pool is what gives off the fragrance from the candle). If you only burn your candle for an hour, you will have a melt pool of one inch and the next time you light your candle, it will remain at one inch, resulting in a candle which burns a one inch hollow all the way down. Therefore, please make sure you have enough time when you light your candle for the first time. So for a tumbler, please burn it for a minimum of 2-3 hours for the first burn and for a 2-wick candle, at least 3 hours.
How long should I burn my candle for?
Coast Candles are created to burn cleaner, longer and with less soot. Therefore, we recommend a maximum burn of 4 hours at any one time. This allows the fragrance to distribute through your room and for the wax to burn evenly with minimal residue.
Some Basic Safety Tips
  • Always keep your wick trimmed to 1/8 inch – this keeps the flame at a safe and optimum performance.
  • Remember to use a candle which will ‘fill’ your room. A small candle won’t provide a strong scent in a large room.
  • Always place candles on a heat-resistant surface
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended
  • Don’t leave burning candles in a child’s bedroom
  • Keep burning candles away from anything that can catch fire such as curtains and other fabrics, books, furniture, flammable decorations and keep away from draughts
  • Keep candles away from flammable liquids
  • Don’t place burning candles under a shelf, always leave a clear height of 1 metre to allow for burning
  • Keep burning candles out of the reach of children and pets
  • Never use a candle as a nightlight