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Why we love a wooden wick candle

We love our wooden wick candles and so do you, our fabulous customers. But what makes them such a great addition to our candles? We thought we’d share why we opted for wooden wicks over cotton wicks.

Back at the start of our journey, we did indeed use cotton wicks, that’s what I knew best at the time. Wooden wicks were relatively new in the candle world (UK) in 2010 and after giving them a try, we never looked back (except for our Rockpool because we can’t get wicks big enough!).

Even although our cotton wicks were completely natural, I loved the natural, outdoor feel to a wooden wick. Made from all natural, native sappy fruit trees and sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified mills in the USA, these wicks add an authentic charm and an attractive classic style to our candles.

The soft crackle of a wooden wick candle is similar to that of a real log fire. A key feature of burning a candle is to change the atmosphere around you and stimulate the senses. While you are captivated by beautiful fragrances and the warm glow of candlelight, the crackle of the wick creates a soothing atmosphere and adds extra radiance to your candle experience.

In our opinion, wooden wicks give a better scent throw too, and we love the look of the flame, a mesmerising glow of fire which gently crackles, adding a whole new dimension to the candle experience, awakening more than just your sense of smell.

The care of wooden wicks is easy to manage too. Simply allow the candle to cool after extinguishing and before you re-light the candle, snap the charred wick off in your fingers at the natural breaking point. You can also use a wick cutter or nail clipper if you prefer not to touch the burnt wood.