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Spring Forward
joy of spring
As we approach the weekend (23 March 23)  and in case you had forgotten, the clocks ‘spring forward’ this weekend, which means that we lose an hour in our already time-pressured lives. Or do we? After all, the clocks ‘fall back’ in October and we can reclaim that hour. However you look at it, that one hour can be disruptive for some, as our body’s own time-keeping machine, the circadian rhythm, regulates our sleep and metabolism. 

Here’s my top tips to embracing daylight savings time this Spring.

  1. Just that – embrace it! Mornings are brighter, the birds are singing, the days are longer and it signals new beginnings and transformations. After months of colder weather, long nights and winter blues, Spring reawakens us and brings everything back to life. If you are near the coast, get outside and give yourself a double-whammy with the calming effects of some vitamin sea. And if you can’t get to the coast, bring the coast to you in our Sea Salt Lips or Sea Grass Whisper scents.
  2. Be physically active, even if it’s just for a 10 minute walk in the daylight. Not only do you feel better for it, but the fresh air will help you sleep better. Make the most of that extra hour in the evening, after work, meet with friends or go solo, but breathe in the promise of spring opportunities.
  3. Get up earlier as soon as the sun rises and see the beauty around you, before the rest of the world wakes up. Give yourself a chance to catch a beautiful view that you might have missed before the clocks changed. I’ve done this occasionally and I’m lucky enough to be able to wander along the beach from my back door and I can vouch for the feelings of calm and serenity you get. You don’t need to be by the beach, you can be anywhere – get up with the birds and see how it makes you feel.
  4. Look at the time change as an opportunity. Start a new habit. If you introduce something new at the same time as the clock change, it doesn’t feel like too many disruptions in your life and this time can inspire you to finally put those good intentions in place. Use that extra hour for renewed productivity, a new hobby or find your zen and meditate; whatever you decide, make it count.
  5. Simply let your body adjust with calm and ease. Create an environment of relaxation and inner peace. When customers come into the shop in Nairn, almost everyone comments on the scent and the immediate sense of calm and relaxation – just walking in is a form of therapy! Never underestimate the power of fragrance. Find your hour at the start (or the end) of the day, light your favourite candle and just be (I love Floating Free for my state of calm…).

Fun Fact: Daylight Saving Time (DST) was first suggested by Benjamin Franklin in 1784, suggesting that if we start our days earlier when it’s lighter, then it would save on candles. In the UK, DST finally came into use in 1916, due to the costs of energy usage during the war.

with love janis