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Scent to bring you joy

Have you ever noticed that certain scents always bring you a sense of joy? It may be the roses from your granny’s garden, or your mother’s perfume, or the salty sea air that catches your breath. In that fleeting moment, your senses come alive, and you are travelling back in time to a moment that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy inside, triggering emotions that can actually improve our health. It might sound strange to think that a fragrance can impact our well-being, but it is true.

These moments are called odour-linked memories, and this experience is called the Proust Effect. The author Marcel Proust wrote in his novel, that the smell of a madeleine biscuit he dipped in his tea, brought on a rush of joy associated with his childhood. Years of study and scientific research has been carried out, exploring the connection between odour-linked memories and an improvement to our physical and mental health.  Research shows that our sense of smell is the best of all our senses, for recalling positive memories. Pleasant memories make us feel good and this in turn reduces stress levels and when we lower stress levels, we relax, and our physical health improves.

Nostalgia is a way of psychologically reuniting people with a cherished past and in doing so, it fosters individual and collective social connectedness, activating positive self attributes, enhancing self-esteem and contributing to perceived meaning in life, therefore improving our mental health too.

Understanding the effects of nostalgia and odour-linked memories can help us use them to positively improve our daily lives, in both the short-term and long-term.

At Coast Candle Co., our memory evoking scented candles will help you remember good times, leaving you feeling happier, connected and relaxed.

Try it for yourself. Next time your senses are triggered by a familiar smell, embrace it, notice it, feel it, enjoy it and let your sense of smell bring you pure joy.

And if you want to experience that moment of joy today, I invite you to explore our scented memories and light a Coast Candle. 

with love janis