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Retail therapy or Candle therapy?

It turns out that shopping for candles is good for us…

Retail therapy is defined as going shopping for the main purpose of making yourself feel better. Often seen as an act of self-love and something we do to boost our spirits and make ourselves feel happier.

Candle therapy (is a thing) and refers to when you light candles to boost the spirits of the person you are thinking of, or for yourself. A ritual which aims to make you feel better by creating a sense of balance and harmony in your life.

Sound the same?

In the book titled ‘Candle Therapy’, written by author (Dr) Catherine Riggs Bergeson, candle therapy is defined as encouraging you to bring the tradition of wishing good into your everyday life. The candle flame is a metaphor for the soul, bringing peace and tranquility.

It seems therefore, that the benefits gained from candle shopping, can only enhance our overall well-being and sense of happiness. And that my friends, is a good thing 😊

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