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Our Top 5 Best Summer Memories

Summer is a time to enjoy long, balmy (and hopefully sunny) nights, late sunsets, blue skies, al fresco dining, family get togethers, festivals and holidays, whether at home or abroad. Summer days just make us feel happier and our sense of smell seems to be more enhanced than at any other time of the year.

Temperature plays a big part in our sense of smell; did you know that the warmer and more humid the air is, the more aromatic molecules the summer air can hold? That will explain why we can ‘smell summer’. Summer days and smells evoke so many childhood memories and we’ve selected our top 5 – what’s your favourite summer smell?

Summer Rain

It’s been a hot few days and then we are treated to rain and thunder to break through the humidity – the smell of rain on the hot ground, creates a pleasant earthy odour which is scientifically known as petrichor. This smell is a combination of oils which come from plants during dry spells and bacteria which live in the soil.

Suntan Lotion

Oh just a whiff of a suntan bottle and we’re off on our summer holidays! It brings with it a sense of excitement and adventure and a time to kick back, relax and have a good time! The sun on your skin, warm air, maybe a cheeky cocktail and good times!

Freshly cut grass

The first cut of the lawn or public park is a definite sign and scent of summer! We are smelling a mixture of oxygenated hydrocarbons, called green leaf volatiles. Did you know that this scent is actually the grass sending out a distress signal, which plants release when they are damaged, which apparently is targeted towards insects, to keep them away.

Summer Foods

For me there is a heady mix of foodie smells that trigger that summer vibe. From whippy ice cream to the BBQ, candy floss and hot dogs, I love that warm food smell, which says to me summer is here, people are around and lots of good things are happening.

Salty Sea Air

Long afternoons on the beach, or on the shore, a picnic and a light sea breeze, take me back to my childhood and carefree days. Running wild, the sand between my toes, paddling in the sea and a jam ‘piece’ to the hunger at bay. Fresh air and joy at it’s best!

What’s your favourite summer smell?