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How vitamin sea can help to calm your mind



If you find yourself in a state of emotional overload, I find the following simple steps really helpful.

  1. BREATHE – a natural thing that we do every day, but more often than not, we’re not doing it properly. Stop and focus on your breathing; short, shallow breaths suggest we are feeling anxious or stressed, whereas longer, slower and deeper breaths help us to feel calm and relaxed. Slow your breathing right down and breathe in from the depths of your belly, then slowly let it all out again. Repeat until you feel that calmness (and you will).
  2. LISTEN – what do you hear around you? The sound of the waves gently lapping at the shore is mesmerising and can help to take you into a meditative state of mind, focusing your attention on nothing but the waves.
  3. QUIETEN YOUR MIND – try and remove yourself from your mind for a moment. You’ll find that if you follow steps 1 and 2 above, this will be much easier. By focussing on your breath and the smells and sounds around you, the mind monkeys have no choice but to stop chattering. Take the pressure off and allow yourself to just be. If you can, do this for a minimum of 15 minutes, the benefits will be incredible, leaving you feeling less agitated and calmer.

Additional tips – when implementing your breathing exercises, try and notice the smells around you, what you see, feel, hear, and taste. Our sense of smell is the most powerful of our senses and when we smell something familiar that makes us feel happy, it instantly helps our minds to feel less stressed.

If you can’t get to the beach or coastline, then any water (even having a bath or visiting an aquarium) will have the same effect. Blue Mind is a theory proven by science, which shows that being in, near, on or under water, can make you healthier, happier, more connected, and better at what you do.

And if you can’t access the sound of the waves in real time, you could listen to sea sounds (available on many apps) or try a wooden wick candle. There is something very tranquil, yet mesmerising, about a wooden candle wick. This wick burns with a distinctive flat flame, which crackles and dances to the tune of the fragrances with which it is entwined. Simple, beautiful, and blissful.

Have you tried any of the above to help you feel less stressed? Which one is your go-to method or have you used all 3? 

with love janis