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How to Make Lasting Memories

We recently returned from our summer staycation, feeling happy, refreshed and content having spent some quality time together making new memories. Perhaps not relaxed as such, as we were busy every day doing fun things! A holiday is not always about relaxation, it’s also about re-connection and doing things that you wouldn’t normally do on a daily basis. 

We spent a lovely week away in Lincolnshire and Northumberland and already it seems like a distant memory. Who else can resonate with “this time last week we were…“? So how do we hold onto those memories and make them stick, making sure our summer holiday benefits us all summer long and beyond? Here’s our top 5 tips for holding on to happy times. 

Be Present

1. Really pay attention and be present. Put your phone away and concentrate real-time. All too often we’re too busy trying to capture the moment through a camera; feel it, savour it, experience it in full. 

Use your nose

2. When you find yourself in a moment that you really want to remember, notice and focus on the smells that are all around you, deepening the experience of the memory. We are over 100 times more likely to remember something we smell over something we see, hear, taste or feel. 

Write it down

3. Be that on a postcard, a letter, a journal or a diary, just make a note of it. Embrace the magic that smells conjure up and get it down on paper. Not only can you come back to this and relive the memory, but it can be passed down to generations, a beautiful and long-lasting memento (we took time out when we were away to send postcards and share the memories). 


4. Share the moment with friends and family. Tell them about it, describe the memory in great detail, remembering how it made you feel. Laugh, engage, repeat – the more you tell your story, the more ingrained it becomes in your mind. This is how we pass stories down through the generations and who doesn’t love a story (even better when it grows a few arms & legs!).

Go out with a bang!

5. If you can, end the experience with a bang. Special times that finish with an extra memorable event means we remember it above anything else. Therefore, when you remember the big moment, everything else comes flooding back too. We had a long day out which culminated in a fireworks and laser display at the end of the night, we loved it and that memory (of the whole day) will live on for a long time.

And of course, the most obvious way to hold on to memories, which we all do on a daily basis, is photographs! But remember to print them, it’s a dying trend… how do we pass on to our grandchildren if everything is digital… 

Live and love in the moment, today & always,
Love from Janis & the team at Coast x