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How to find the perfect fragrance


We’ve had quite a few workshops take place since the start of the year, which is great! I love to see people getting creative, experimenting with fragrance and having a relaxing time with friends and/or family. One thing I notice, that a lot of people have in common when they come to make their own candle and scent, is that getting started can sometimes be overwhelming. Where to start? How do you find the perfect scent for you? I’ve put together a video of tips and hints to help you choose, but if you’re not in the mood for a video, here’s the abbreviated version to get you started!

  • Everyone has a favourite scent, but don’t be afraid to explore new fragrances and mix it up a little.
  • Let your nose guide you – it ‘nose’ (sorry) what it likes!
  • Be aware that your sense of smell can change with seasons, your mood, your age and more.
  • If you’re not sure where to start, use a fragrance wheel (like a colour chart for artists, but for the nose) – Michael Edwards is probably the most well-known.

“Although your sense of smell is emotional, the fragrances you most enjoy will probably belong to just one or two fragrance families. The Fragrance Wheel holds the key to your fragrance likes and dislikes. It lets you see at a glance the relationship between the 14 different families. Each family leads to the next, for example – Florals become Soft Florals when blended with sparkling aldehydes and balanced by a powdery drydown [the scent that emerges when the perfume dries on your skin]. Soft Florals are transformed into Floral Orientals by adding the scents of orange blossom and sweet spices. “ – Michael Smith, Fragrances of the World

  • Sample your fragrance(s) on a holistic level, employing all of your senses to build a fragrance that tells your story.
  • Try matching your fragrance to your personality. If you’re bright, happy and optimistic, then maybe a burst of citrus will suit you. Those who exude flamboyance and passion are said to be lovers of the oriental.
  • Above all, keep an open mind and be willing to try something different!

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