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Enhance your home with summer scents

Although we are coming into the summer months, scent in the home is still an essential part of creating a beautiful atmosphere. As longer days allow us to spend more time outdoors enjoying our gardens and outdoor spaces, it’s still important to keep indoors feeling fresh and light.

In the summer months, we don’t tend to light as many candles, but you can still add a touch of scent throughout your home with reed diffusers and room sprays. It’s always nice to have some candles on display anyway (so that they’re readily available to create an instant cosy feeling at the strike of a match) and the throw* from your candle will add a soft aroma to your space. You can further enhance this subtle scent by dotting reed diffusers in matching fragrances around your home (or office) for an instant boost of your favourite fragrance. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not pair and layer scents?

Fragrance can transform your living (or working) space, by creating an inviting and pleasant atmosphere, enhancing your mood, and evoking positive memories. The right scent can make a room feel fresher, cosier, and more vibrant, adding a sensory dimension that elevates your overall home experience.

Whether you opt for a light summer scent to remind you of hazy summer days on the beach, or a zesty fresh burst of citrus to uplift and re-energise a room, let your sense of smell take you on an olfactory journey and maximise these long summer days. You may even wish to choose a different fragrance from morning to evening. See some of our recommendations below.

No matter how you decide to scent your home this summer, know that your chosen fragrance will be enhanced and reach every corner of the room, as the warm summer air carries the scent molecules further.

*throw refers to how far the aroma of your candle can travel in a room, when lit (hot throw) or unlit (cold throw).

Red Horizon Summer Nights is one of our classic summer scents, a subtle yet intoxicating blend of jasmine, ylang ylang and tonka bean… stir up memories of warm summer evenings watching the sun go down. 

Seaside Garden is an explosion of freshness, with uplifting zesty notes of citrus and basil… light up your days and feel it lift your soul as the sun shines brightly through your home.  

Seaside Tea Party takes me to a quiet corner of the garden, where the waves from the sea can be heard in the distance and the gentle breeze hypnotises me with the balmy scent of summer. Delightful notes of blossom, jasmine and juicy apple.

with love janis