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Embrace the season with recommended home scents for Autumn

As the leaves change colour and the air turns crisp, there’s no denying that autumn is a season filled with warmth and cosiness. One of the simplest and most effective ways to usher in the spirit of autumn into your home is through the use of carefully chosen scents. Aromas can instantly transport us to different times and places, and with a little help from candles, diffusers, room sprays or potpourri, you can infuse your living spaces with the delightful scents of autumn. In this blog post, we’ll explore some recommended home scents that will help you embrace the magic of this season.

Golden Autumn Coast

It wouldn’t be autumn without the quintessential scent of spice. Golden Autumn Coast is brimming with tantalising seasonal spices which will set your senses on fire. A warming amber base with exotic ruby red notes of pomegranate, entwined with frankincense, clove and pink pepper, it compliments an evening by the fire perfectly. Light this candle and you’ll instantly feel like you are wrapped in a cosy jumper.

Memories of Conker collecting, looking to the sky, falling leaves, orange, red, green, gold. Wild berries, mum with her pickling pan. Running through the sea of autumn leaves. Shorter days, longer nights. Change is in the air.

Harvest Dance

Autumn is also harvest season and the sweet smell of harvest, when long balmy summer nights are coming to an end and the sun goes down amidst the haze of the crops is a true autumn delight. The neighbouring fields of wildflowers dance peacefully in the breeze, enjoying the last days of summer before going to sleep.

Harvest Dance brings a gentle combination of soft and powdery florals including heliotrope and orris, with delicious notes of fig, vanilla and tonka bean and a subtle hint of musk and spice.

Lord of the Isles

This fragrance instantly takes me to the big houses in the Highlands, cosy afternoons by the fireplace, perhaps with a dram in hand too. Light this candle to create an atmosphere reminiscent of days gone by. Memories of Harris Tweed plus fours and the Laird with a glint in his eye; the big house by the sea loch, and ‘toffs’ from the south with hearts of gold laughing loudly at the Laird’s jokes, off to the hills for the stags.

Enjoy the fragrance of rich warm smouldering woody embers, black pepper, leather and precious woods refreshed with citrus – the aroma of affluence and luxury abound.

Woodland Wonders

The sound of leaves crunching underfoot and their earthy aroma are unmistakable signs of autumn. Capture this essence with an autumn leaves-scented candle or reed diffuser. Revisit happy memories of days with the kids when they were little, kicking up the leaves through the woods, climbing trees and splashing through muddy puddles. Building dens with the fallen twigs on the mossy woodland floor and the golden rays of the late afternoon sun adding the last of the summer warmth as the seasons change.

The fragrance of rich woody and sweet earthy notes of vetiver and cedar, draw you into a heart of lavender and rosemary, with a dry smoky base of incense and amber, making it ideal for creating a cosy and rustic ambience in your home.

Local Hero

For those who prefer more woodsy scents, consider Local Hero. This earthy fragrance evokes memories of an ‘old man of the sea’, a Swedish Scottish Crofter, distinguished, respected, strong, wise, funny and trusting. On the tractor with him, tobacco and Old Spice waft past in the air. Jiggling around on the noisy machine.

The fragrance of Patchouli and Vetiver – earthy and outdoorsy aromas flit in and out of the mind. Add a touch of nature to your home, making it feel like an autumn retreat.

Whisky Galore

Autumn is the season for indulging in warm beverages, what better way to warm the cockles than with a wee dram, or hot toddy. Evoke memories of hot toddies, sugar, honey and lemon – “that will make you better”, Grandpa said laughing… dark and golden, steam rising from the glass, “sip it gently now”, warm and comforting. Grandpa was right. All better now. Create a soothing and aromatic experience that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day.

The fragrance of a fruity alcohol tipple, Lemon, Apple and a hint of Toffee with a spicy Ginger twist – uplift the nostrils with a riot of boozy pleasure. A new twist on toffee apples this Halloween!

Salmon Bothy

Autumn and fire go hand in hand and if you’re a lover of deep, earthy and smoky smells, then you must try Salmon Bothy. If you’ve ever trecked to an old bothy, this scent will bring back memories of an old weathered leather chair, pipe smoke, cap hanging on the back of the door, dog by the fire in a cosy dark room, with a small bright net curtain window – a comforting space and place where stories of sheep, shipwrecks and dry land are forever in the room.

Lose yourself in a comforting woody amber fragrance with incense – magical infusions to rekindle bygone days; peaty, smoky and cosy; a strong warming hug in a candle. 

Autumn is a season of sensory delights, and the right scents can enhance your home’s ambience and immerse you in the magic of this time of year. Whether you opt for the spicy notes of Golden Autumn Coast, the sweetness of Harvest Dance, or the earthy aroma of Woodland Wonders, there’s a perfect autumn scent for everyone. So, embrace the season, cosy up indoors, and let these recommended home scents fill your home with the warmth and nostalgia of autumn.

with love janis