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Coast Candle Co is Janis and Claire

They grew up on the Scottish Coast, Janis in the far North West and Claire in the North East. Their joint connection with the coast and wonderful childhood memories is what inspired them to bring you Coast Candle Co.

Both are kindred spirits when it comes to their outlook on life. They have that admirable quality of really being able to connect with people of all walks of life. Janis and Claire want to connect with you and your cherished memories. Memories that have inspired you, saddened you and memories that have made you laugh out loud. Lighting a candle is also a connection with the future or a celebration of something very special. Or, lighting a candle at any time can lift you up to another place. No matter what reason you have for lighting a candle, Janis and Claire have created Coast Candles for you.

Made with Love. For you to Love.

Janis & Claire x