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Pairing fragrances that match your sense of style

We recently had the pleasure of supporting the Cocktail & Couture Fashion Show at Nairn Community & Arts Centre, the first event to support this year’s Taste of Nairn Festival. It was a fantastic night and well done to all who took part, especially the ladies who worked hard as the models for the evening. We had the fun job of creating centrepieces for the tables and we also got involved with an interactive scent session between catwalk shows, talking about the link between scent and fashion.

How often have you smelled a scent that opens the floodgates to memories and feelings? It’s a well-known fact that our sense of smell is intrinsically linked to our feelings, emotions and memories. But how do we link our favourite scents to fashion?

Although at Coast Candle Co., we make home fragrances, fragrance is everywhere; in perfume, home fragrance and general day to day life. Who hasn’t been lured by the scent of freshly baked bread or ‘just washed’ laundry?!

Whether it’s perfume or home fragrance, the same principles apply. Scent can impact how you feel at any time of the day, whatever you are doing; be that at home, in the office, at an event or even on holiday. Wear it or surround yourself with it, scent can either jar with your outfit or compliment it. So, how do you go about choosing a fragrance that fits your individual style?

Pair Floral Scents With Flower Patterns

If you have a lot of floral outfits in your wardbrobe, we suggest you opt for floral scents – an easy one to remember. There is a multitude of floral scents to choose from and in many cases, you can probably match the scent to the floral accord you are wearing. For example, we love orange blossom, rose, bluebell, peony and lavender. The list is endless. Coast Candle Co. recommends APPLECROSS DAYS.

Pair heady scents with luxurious materials such as silk and cashmere

Wearing something special against your skin warrants an equally extravagant and luxurious scent to compliment that feeling of elegance. Think rose, musk, jasmine, ylang ylang and suede. Coast Candle Co.  recommends LOVE.

Pair light, seaside and even exotic scents with your summer wardrobe

Think about summer holidays, floaty dresses and bikinis and of course an evening cocktail. Try some coconut and lime, sea breeze, pineapple and tropical fruits! This is a perfect summer combination for the home, until you head off on your holidays! Coast Candle Co. recommends ATLANTIC GORSE.

Pair bright colours with strong scents

If you’re wearing an outfit with bright colours, congratulations, you’re already winning at life!  Look for perfumes that are bold and potent. Have you ever tried matching your fragrance to the colour you are wearing?

For example, a bright orange or yellow dress would pair gorgeously with citrus scents (think sweet orange, zesty lemon or grapefruit, even bergamot). Or, a bright blue summer dress will be divine with cool water scents (think of sea breeze, crystal waters, ozonic scents and supreme freshness; seaweed, sparkling citrus, salty sea air).  Coast Candle Co.  recommends Seaside Garden.

Day or Night?

You choose what you wear according to the time of day, the same rule should be applied to the fragrance around you. In home fragrance, reed diffusers are great for a constant day scent, but candles come into their own in the evening. Choose a fragrance to reflect your frame of mind.

During the day, you want scents that are easy to enjoy, nothing too overpowering, something which says ‘everyday’; choose subtle, calming fragrances. For example, we love spa scents such as geranium and lavender, or tea, honey and bamboo. Coast Candle Co.  recommends BIG SKY MORNING. However, in the evening you might want to feel more assertive, even provocative… opt for fragrances that make you feel mysterious, sexy, bold,  sensual and flamboyant. Think warming spices, musk, exotic orientals, precious woods, cinnamon, cloves, orchid, amber and even chocolate! Coast Candle Co. recommends Golden Autumn Coast or Lord of the Isles.

Pair fresh scents with soft linens

If linen is your staple of choice, you want to surround yourself with fragrances that are light and fresh, scents that evoke images of crisp, natural freshness, soft greens and of course ‘just washed’ laundry. Opt for fragrances that remind you of nature, that feel as soft and comfortable as the linens you are wearing. Think green bamboo, water hyacinth, fresh cut grass, oak moss, violet, green tea, cucumber, citrus and mint. CCC recommends Seashore Cotton Sheets.

I’ll leave you with this final thought – you may not have the outfits hanging in your wardrobe, but you can still have the scents sitting in your bathroom and around your home – take yourself there.