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Candles to make mum smile on Mother’s Day

We believe that mums everywhere should be celebrated not just on Mother’s Day, but all year round. From the little things that they do, to the big things and simply for just being there. A mother’s love is like a spring tide, there’s no stopping it.   This Mother’s Day, give her the gift of happy memories. Let fragrance take her on a journey of the senses, with a scent to evoke the happiest of times, stirring up warm fuzzy feelings inside and transporting her back to a time and place where memories were made. Shop our special Mother’s Day Collections to find the scented memories that hold a special place in her heart.  Our ‘Mums who like to Unwind’ Collection’ (click to shop) Seaside Garden gather friends together and reminisce over memories of fresh basil from the garden, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, makes me happy. A squeeze of lime, a twist of pepper, a pinch of sea salt. A bubbling pan. Seagulls laughing on the beach. A gin and tonic in my hand.Red Horizon Summer Nights a feeling of warmth inside with memories of warm still evenings sitting in the garden watching the sun go down over the sea, kids playing out late – a glass of rich red wine.  Pondering life, relaxed – loving the moment.Rock Rose Gin Experience Distilling Day and feel the warmth emanating from Elizabeth, hear the slow trickle of gin leaving the still, see the copper gleaming in the sunlight… inhale the scent that is Rock Rose Gin being distilled. Our ‘Adventurous Mums Collection’ (click to shop) 

Applecross Days wind your way over the Bealach with memories of Applecross as a child – a warm West Coast Summer. Collecting pears and apples from Grandpas’ trees, playing in the garden collecting flowers and making homemade perfumes in an old tin pot. Dreaming of innocent romance.

Salmon Bothy walking boots on, hiking over the heather-strewn moors with memories of an old weathered leather chair, pipe smoke, cap on the back of the door, dog by the fire, cosy dark room, small bright net curtain window. Comforting space and place. Stories of sheep, shipwrecks and dry land – forever in the room. 

Lord of the Isles hunting lodges where the best parties happen, sharing memories of Harris Tweed Plus Fours. The Laird with a glint in his eye, the big house by the sea loch, Toffs from the south with hearts of gold laughing loudly at the Lairds jokes, off to the hills for the Stags.

Our ‘Pampered Mums Collection’ (click to shop)

Drift Away The Spa Coast Candle experience in your home. Relaxed, contented, light of heart, uplifted, jubilant – just some of the lovely emotions triggered by our Spa Candle – Drift Away. Lemony citrus fresh, a tonic for the body and soul. Feel it working before you even strike the match.

Floating Free The Spa Coast Candle experience in your home. Think of dumping your worries and feeling the weight of the world lift from your shoulders. Just float free with this Spa Coast Candle experience, indulge yourself – you’re worth it. 

Sea Dream The Spa Coast Candle experience in your home. Imagine soaking in a hot bath, warm water up to your chin, bathroom mirror steamed up, radio on and remembering special times with loved ones. That’s the effect you get from our Spa Candle – Sea Dream.