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A mini guide to oil burners

A pottery oil burner is a decorative ceramic or clay device used to diffuse essential oils or fragrance oils into the air, creating a pleasant and aromatic atmosphere. It typically consists of two main parts:

The base is a hollow, bowl-shaped ceramic or pottery container and you place a tealight candle on the bottom. The candle is lit, and its heat is used to warm the oil.

The top, or dish, is a small, removable piece that sits on top of the base. It’s where you place a few drops of your chosen essential oil or fragrance oil (usually in water) or you can use your wax melts in place of oils. The heat from the candle underneath warms the oil or melt, causing it to evaporate and release its scent into the room.

A burner is often considered a safer and more convenient alternative to traditional candles, but it really comes down to personal choice. Oil / Wax melt burners are commonly used for home fragrance and come in various styles and designs to suit different preferences.

Here’s how to use a wax melt burner:

  • Place the wax melt burner on a flat, heat-resistant surface, away from flammable materials and out of the reach of children and pets. Make sure the area is well-ventilated.
  • If your burner has a tealight holder, insert an unscented tealight candle into it. Light the candle and let it burn until it forms a small pool of wax at the top.
  • Place a single wax melt or tart in the dish or pot on top of the burner. The heat from the candle underneath will gradually melt the wax.
  • As the wax melt begins to melt, it will release its fragrance into the air. The scent is diffused as the wax melts and evaporates, and the aroma will fill the room with a pleasant scent.
  • Keep an eye on the wax melt burner while it’s in use and never leave it unattended. Extinguish the tealight candle when you’re done using the burner. The base of the burner may become hot, so handle it with care.
  • Once you’ve used a wax melt and want to change scents, wait for the wax to cool and solidify. You can then pop out the solidified wax. Dispose of the used wax and add a new wax melt to continue enjoying your chosen fragrance.

What scent do you love to melt in your burner? What memories are evoked when you catch a sniff of the wonderful aroma permeating the air? I love to mix and match sometimes, creating my own unique fragrance… in the autumn, I love to blend a bit of Berry Gold with Golden Autumn CoastImagine a sea of autumn leaves, where the landscape is adorned with hues of red, orange and gold, combined with the aroma of fresh, ripe, sun kissed berries, evoking a sense of sweetness and richness. A harmonious autumnal blend which carries the essence of the changing season – the golden hues of the foliage and warmth of the berry scent.

Our burners have been hand made in the Scottish Highlands by Robin Palmer and are exclusive to Coast Candle Co.

A stylish and contemporary addition to any home, the base is a matt ceramic design, inspired by the sea and the coast and can be used as a burner or on it’s own as a tealight holder. It glows beautifully once the tealight has been lit. The dish for your melt also has a coastal theme to it, inspired by shells and has been glazed and fired. The burners are all hand made by Robin and you may notice during use, that the dish will look cracked. Robin explains that sometimes when the glaze cools, it will crack, which is called crazing and this is just a characteristic of a hand made product. However, it won’t affect the safe use of your burner.

Wax melt burners are a popular choice for home fragrance because they are safe and easy to use, and they come in a variety of designs to match different decor styles. They are a great way to create a welcoming and aromatic atmosphere in your living space.

with love janis