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3 ways to enjoy candles this summer

With this gorgeous summer weather, candles are probably the last thing you are thinking about! Long summer nights, bright skies, hot days and glorious sunshine… surely, it’s too hot for candles? Not so. Candles can enhance your summer vibe by adding a warm flickering glow and dreamy fragrance to any setting. Here’s my top 3 ways to enjoy candles this summer.

  1. If you’re enjoying the al-fresco lifestyle in the evenings, dining and relaxing in your garden, candles can create a lovely ambience with a soft evening glow as the sun starts to go down. Group some pillar candles (3 is always a good number and vary the heights for maximum effect) around your outdoor living area, maybe dot a few single tealights around your patio (they look great in jam/mason jars if you have any and this will stop the cool summer breeze extinguishing the flame) and if you have a Coast Candle Co. oil burner, the gentle glow on this coastal design will add the finishing touch to your outdoor sanctuary. You can also apply the same principles indoors and bring the outside in with light summer scents.
  2. Choose light and fresh scents when opting for scented candles or melts (and reed diffusers and room sprays). A cool citrus or herbal scent will freshen up any space and leave you feeling refreshed, whilst a delicate floral fragrance will put you in a feel-good summery mood, perhaps reminding you of summer memories gone by. The summer season is also a great time to try out woody and earthy smells, bringing a touch of the exotic to the table.
  3. If the heat is just too much and you need to create a calmer, more relaxing environment at home, candles are the ideal solution. Find a space where you won’t be interrupted and carve out your own mini spa at home. Comfort is important when it’s time to relax, so make sure you have plenty cushions and even a cosy sheepskin rug (or similar) underfoot. Scent is key to creating a spa environment, it can trigger memories of relaxation, so opt for scents that are lighter, which will add an air of freshness to your space, such as light florals, citrus and herbal or refreshing water notes. Complete the mood with relaxing tunes et voilà, enjoy.

Remember, the best memories are made around the table and summer is the perfect time to invite friends round, to gather around the table and share good times, past and present. Think of childhood adventures, summer holidays, sun-filled days and ice-cream sundaes (or a strawberry mivvi in my case)! As the sun starts to go down, gather everyone in a bit closer, relax and unwind and reminisce with stories that will make you glow from the inside out.

with love janis