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About Us

About Us

Our Story

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself on a summer’s day, sitting on an old rock on the croft, looking out over Loch Ewe on the west coast of the Scottish Highlands. There’s no traffic, no noise and no people within close proximity; only the gentle lull of the waves from the sea below. A gentle breeze catches you as it carries the faint waft of clover, bracken, wild mint and sea salt and immediately you feel safe, relaxed and calm, with not a care in the world.

This is one of my happy memories of growing up in Wester Ross, as well as the inspiration behind Coast Candle Company.

Scent is all around us from the moment we enter this world, creating tangible links to everything that we do – sometimes without us even realising it. When a smell triggers a comforting feeling, a sense of familiarity, it can be a very welcome experience, opening the floodgates of life’s emotional roller coaster.

Here at Coast Candle Co., we create and hand pour exquisite scented candles ­– all inspired by childhood memories. Every one of our candles has a story to tell, a cherished memory to share and a fragrance that takes us back in time.

Memories are the building blocks of our identity, the threads that bind us to our past, and the guiding lights that illuminate our future. They enrich our lives, deepen our connections, and give meaning to our existence. Without memories, we would be adrift in a vast sea of time, untethered and disconnected from ourselves and each other. Read more in this blog post. 

When the world feels too much or we feel a little anxious, we seek comfort in familiar things; we look for a space to retreat to and escape from reality. Light a Coast Candle and let fragrance take you back to more innocent and safer times.

We also offer associated accessories and many other fabulous products for you to adore. All handcrafted and presented in a stunning manner for you to enjoy and love. So please explore our website and be inspired to remember what memories are important to you.

We want to connect with you and your cherished memories. Memories that have inspired you, memories that have saddened you and memories that have made you joyful and happy.

No matter what reason you have for lighting one of our candles, know that we have created each one to trigger memories of joy, hope and sometimes sadness. Coast Candle Co, made with love, for you to love.

Our Vision

To honour and promote heritage, culture, human values, and our ‘connectedness’ to life’s never-ending stories, with scented products that we hope will bring joy and a modicum of contentment in a sometimes-confusing world. Our vision is set in the past but firmly committed to a better future for all of us. 

Our Mission

To create and sell exquisite hand-crafted products, ethically produced and made with love for people who connect with our views on heritage, culture, human values, and life’s never-ending stories. We talk to the human experience through scent and fragrance, igniting memories and past experiences that hopefully trigger wellbeing in every individual that encounters a Coast Candle Co. product. 

Precious Moments

Some Of our Special Moments