Made with love, for you to love

This is our candle making space in our shop in Nairn. It’s where we hand-pour your luxury candles, beautifully package them and send them out to you.

Hours and hours have been spent testing and refining our oils to arrive at the most exquisite fragrances. Fragrances that will awaken memories of joy, hope and perhaps sometimes sadness, but always memories that will resonate in your life, past and future.

Crafted by our dedicated Coast Candle Team, made from the highest quality natural environmentally sound materials. We are proud to give you the ultimate in luxury candles. We use our own unique blend of vegetable, coconut and rapeseed wax to give you the best scent throw, which also delivers a longer, cleaner burn.

Why do we use (predominantly) wooden wicks?

There are two reasons we use wooden wicks. Firstly, they look and sound great when burning. They crackle and chatter, giving the candle an extra cosy visual appearance. And secondly, and probably more importantly, wood wicks are less harmful to the environment than cotton wicks. All the wooden wicks used to make your candles are sustainably farmed timber and sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified mills. And, all our paper and packaging materials are also sustainably produced materials.

In a world where the environment is clearly being seriously affected by all our actions, here at Coast Candle Co we feel that we need to be a responsible environmentally friendly maker of candles and associated candle products.